Philanthropic mission

Having always retained a deep connection with her roots in Costa
Rica, Wendy decided to form the non-profit organisation FundaKohli,
with the aim of supporting and empowering the 1.1 million Costa
Ricans who live in conditions of poverty.

‘As a mother and a wife, I have dreams and aspirations for my
family, and I believe that everyone should be afforded the same
opportunities to make meaningful, positive contributions to their
communities and to society.’

Wendy’s Work

Over the last 5 years, FundaKohli has been able to help and support
hundreds of families and educational organisations across Costa Rica. As
well as providing resources ranging from desks to solar powered sports
facilities for local schools, they have also established a number of
permanent dining halls for children in underprivileged areas.

Inspiring Future Change

The work of charitable organisations is often about action, whether
it’s through supporting deprived communities or providing resources
to existing frameworks. But charity is also about the power of ideas,
and shifting perceptions so that people are inspired and empowered
to create their own positive social impact. In particular, Wendy Kohli
aims to inspire more women to become the campaigners, activists
and change-makers of the future.

Environment and Animal Health

Wendy Kohli has gone above and beyond the call of duty with her foundation. As she is married to Tej Kohli, wife is not the only role she plays but mother and philanthropist as well. Over the past few years, she has gotten involved in projects and aid in the preservation of the environment – she is very passionate in this field, being a nature lover herself.

Another passion of Wendy’s is animal welfare, a field that she has been very involved in through the Kohli Foundation. She has implemented campaigns on animal population control, not only in disadvantaged communities, but also in penitentiary centres, showing the importance of being socially conscious and leading by example.

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