About Wendy

Passionate photographer, committed on helping children, women and the environment.

Wendy Kohli is...

A family woman dedicated to her two children Sean and Cassia and to her husband Tej, cat lover and passionate photographer, but above all committed to philanthropic causes as childhood wellness, female empowerment and environmental conservation.

In the last decade, Wendy, who resides in London, England has been given the task of finding different projects in which she can collaborate in an active way and with results. In 2011 she funded Funda Kohli, which is a non-governmental non-profit organization, dedicated to help different causes in favor of childhood, animal wellness, and environmental conservation.

Wendy's Vision

Wendy Kohli Vision

Promote through her project Funda Kohli, a positive impact on vulnerable populations, working on environmental care projects and fighting for animal conservation.

These efforts seeks that other people and organizations commit themselves to generate a solidarity consciousness. The more they are motivated to seek greater well-being, the better the world we inherit for our future generations.


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